About Tijuanna


Tijuanna Adetunji is an Alabama native raised in the North and West sides of Montgomery. She gets her Nigerian name from her husband Bishop Fred  Adetunji. They have four children and one grandchild. She is a business professional, speaker, ordained minister, Veteran of the US Army Reserves and author. 

Her latest book, Answering the Call of God is used in correction facilities to teach inmates how to get a vision for their lives. Her first book, Dear Daughter: How To Choose Your Way To A Better Life, uses lessons she’s learned with biblical insight to help women make positive life style choices. 

Her work first gained national attention in World Magazine who called her a “pro-life activist working to reveal the truth.” She has shared her story before thousands as well as the Alabama Legislative Health Committee to influence bills to protect the lives of children. 

 In 2015 she was appointed by the Governor to represent the 2nd Congressional District for APT and currently serves as a Commissioner. She is a 2014 alumna of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.  Tijuanna is a graduate of Lee High School class of 1988 and a graduate of Leadership Montgomery Class Thirty where she was chosen to be the female representative of that class. She has a Bachelors of Science in Religion and a Masters in Public Policy both from Liberty University.

Here she talks about her latest book, Answering the Call of God. It has been used to rehabilitate incarcerated women and help them gain a vision for their lives.

Tijuanna giving  commencement address to adult learners and introduced by Dr. Metara Austin.  "A determined person doesn't make excuses . They finish what they started no matter how long it takes." 


Tijuanna's company The Adetunji Group works as an independent contractor with a non-emergency medical transportation company and has the privilege of working with Seniors and those with disabilities. She see's first hand the challenges they face and the limited access that many still have to proper health care services. 


Tijuanna is a woman of faith. She attributes her accomplishments and the task at hand to the grace of God.  Her ministerial work has rehabilitated inmates, given hope and guidance to lost youth, single parents, marriages and has restored families.