A Message from Tijuanna

Beyond Tradition



A large portion of District 78 students attend failing schools with the rest of the system is under State intervention. I will make education and workforce training development a priority and make efforts to assist our children early during their elementary years.


Alabama must be attractive for small businesses to keep families working. Industries look for skilled and educated persons to fill positions. This goes back to education and workforce training development. As a independent candidate I will work to make Alabama more competitive.


The State currently provides health care assistance for persons whose financial situation is considered “ low income or very low income." However, there is a gap that omits others. I propose the option  to provide a cost sharing plan for able bodied adults who work or will work to give them access to healthcare/ preventive care and take advantage of programs like REACH and Alabama Personal Responsibility Education Program (APREP).


Every life should matter and does matter to God. A child in the womb is not less of a person. Th womb is suppose to be a safe place to develop. I will unashamedly advocate and speak up for the unborn, all children and including those with special needs. Hear how I came to realize the importance of the truths.


The most wisdom that I have gained was from my great-grandmother. Seniors are very important of our society and we would not be here without them. I will support legislation that protects and assist them to help with being active, healthy and safe.


We rank third in the highest states with incarcerated persons with 634 of every 100,000 people being placed in jail (US News, 2014). Access to skill training programs while on probation should be a requirement. I have already been active in teaching inmates to turn their lives around through lessons from my book. 

What to Expect From Tijuanna


I am not power drunk or desperate. Therefore, I will not just tell you anything to get your vote. I will not manipulate you or play on your emotions or make another person look bad so that I can shine. I believe that each person in my district would like a better life for themselves and most importantly for their children. There  is opportunity for us all. However, my job is to speak up for you when it's time for certain bills to pass and to use my influence in a positive way to encourage you and empower our children to rise above any obstacles that they may face.

Open Door

I am open to discuss the issues at hand in a cordial manner. I will respect you and I ask that you do the same to me. Let's look at the common threads that we have and work on them. If we do not agree on everything. Let's agree to disagree. No love lost.  In addition, I welcome advocates to share their concerns that the State has a hand in. I do not know everything. Please make me aware of issues that may have been overlooked and need to be addressed.


I am not God. But I believe that their is one who created heaven and earth and  has a greater authority and power than I do.I believe that he has placed certain things in a certain order. I realize that some people and groups are much bolder than I am and are willing to override His authority. I WILL NOT OVERRIDE GOD AND THE OBVIOUS

I Will Be At Work

You can expect me to be in attendance during the legislative session. There is no way to represent you if I'm not there. And I will research and study to understand what I'm voting on.


You will actively see me in the community staying abreast of the needs of district 78 and the State of Alabama. I believe that exposure is very important for youth. If they are exposed to the right things early it will make a difference in the choices that they make. They need to see themselves being leaders. I will be visiting the schools and making sure  that our children understand the legislative process. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

I Care

Why do I care? I have received way more in this life than I deserve. Luke 12: 48 explains it this way, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, even more will be expected." Instead of being bitter about the things that happened to me as child or the consequences of my decisions as an adult. I have chosen to be better and I live my life giving hope, guidance and a hand up in whatever capacity that I am in.